Further random musings

dumpAbout six months ago, I did a post of random thoughts that had piled up over time.  I’m in the same position now, where I have a stockpile of thoughts, none of which is sufficient for a post on its own… though, given enough effort, they might be.  That, combined with a shortage of time based on current priorities, urges me to do another randomized brain dump here.

Note the profusion of disconnects in this list.  Those are the kinds of things that tend to grab my attention.

I’ve seen a lot of commercials that say how wonderful a product is, how people will practically kill each other or mortgage their children just to get it.  Then they announce huge sales, rebates, and low interest financing on same.  Major disconnect.

Life is too short to eat frozen French Fries.  If they ain’t fresh cut, they ain’t worth the cholesterol.

When did the following words become positive qualities?

  •      decadent
  •      sensory overload
  •      addictive
  •      sinfully

Disconnect alert: Is it really possible to rate any video game as “mature”?  Based on commercials I’ve seen, I’m saying, no.

I must be watching too much TV, cuz this one is a TV thing, too.  A network is describing itself by saying, “Only one network is Number 1!”  Yeah, well, isn’t that how it works?

How is it possible in this day and age that anyone voluntarily takes up smoking?  Then doesn’t quit?  Are there folks out there who feel their bodies aren’t getting enough “tar”?

disconnectThe local arts center just sent out a mailing.  It included the claim that “art makes you smart”, referencing a New York Times article.  Okay, I’ll buy that.  But the mail also described an upcoming “3-hour spiritual event” where the leader will “channel George Harrison” so that he can share healing, miracles, and “George’s vision and hope for the planet at this crucial time.”  Does he mean the crucial time when people will shell out $30 (only $20 in advance) to some charlatan who never made it out of the 70’s?  Again: disconnect.

fenceDo what you feel you must, but I’m boycotting Bertucci’s here in Chelmsford – an establishment I otherwise enjoy – because they had a fence put up between their parking lot and the bike path.  Very civically unfriendly move for a business that wants to be a neighbor in town.  The other businesses in the plaza hate it, but evidently Bertucci’s has the clout.  I miss the one in Davis Square with the bocce pit.

Confession time: It was me who “put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp.”  However, I was not responsible for putting the “ram in the rama lama ding dong.”

Wow, that was a healing exercise.  George would be proud of me.


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  1. Awesome. Especially the musing about putting the ram in the rama lama…..

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