Top ten signs the world is passing you by

topten1You’ve reached a certain age and you’re not sure you’re still in touch with the what’s going on around you – a problem many of us find ourselves in.

Luckily for you I’m here to help you confront this calamitous conundrum.  Herewith are the top ten signs that you hit the “pause” button and the rest of the world has kept going without you.  What you do about it is completely up to you.  I can’t help you there.

  1. You even know what a “boombox” is.
  2. You have “toll-free” and fax numbers on your business card
  3. Who needs a GPS?  You have a AAA TripTik!
  4. That dialup connection was good enough for Grandad, it’s good enough for you!
  5. You still lubricate your slide rule, “just in case”.
  6. The VCR is still plugged in and it still blinks 12:00.
  7. The yellow pages by your phone is well worn.
  8. You think it’s hip to wear your pants hanging below your boxers.
  9. Your IQ is higher than your phone’s.
  10. Your email address ends in

The reason I can’t help you is that half of these apply to me.  Welcome to the past.


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One Response to Top ten signs the world is passing you by

  1. Nikki CB says:

    Hahah. This is perfect.

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