nomoroboEverywhere you turn, someone is talking about something that is the “best thing ever”, or as more often expressed, Best.Thing.Ever.  Invariably, those statements are hyperbole at best.

Not this time.

I just stumbled on the Best.Thing.Ever.  Unlike other such claims, this one can be proven as fact because it’s the solution for the Worst.Thing.Ever: robocalls.

You know what I’m talking about.  Those incessant calls that come at the most inopportune times to offer you the treasures of the world, such as a cruises, clean chimneys and credit ratings, home improvements, alarm systems, timeshares, work-from-home jobs, and other assorted inducements and scams.

The Do Not Call registry is great as far as it goes, but it relies on the good will of the callers.  The robocallers have no good will.  They are, in a word, criminals.  They ignore the letter and spirit of the law and spread their sewage to every phone regardless of its owner’s wishes.

So evil are these intrusions into my daily routine, I’ve simply stopped answering the phone for any number I don’t instantly recognize on the caller ID.  But they still ring, wake me up, and/or make me go to the phone.  That might not sound like a great inconvenience, but the way MS affects my walking and balance, each trip is tempting fate.  And rushing is out of the question.

Now there’s a better answer: Nomorobo.

This service blocks all commercial robocalls.  Period.  The phone rings once, just enough for Nomorobo to do its sensational thing.  It checks the number against its database and shuts that bad boy down.

Since I’ve signed up for Nomorobo, my home has been blissfully quiet.  No jarring awake from a deep sleep, no putting the movie on pause while we check who’s calling.

Shut those evil scammers down.  Get Nomorobo today!

(I receive no compensation for this endorsement.  Ending this plague permanently and relieving the suffering of others is all the payment I seek.)


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2 Responses to NOMOROBO!!!

  1. Stacy, Bruce says:

    Unfortunately, this service is not available for those of us with Verizon landlines.

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