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The Soundtrack of My Life

Music has always played (pun intended) an important part of my life, whether pop tunes to move to or classics to be moved by.  Like anyone around my general age who feels the same, I am a lucky man.  We … Continue reading

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It ain’t spring yet!

Astronomical springs started today (3/20) at 12:57 PM.  It’s the vernal equinox, what your calendar calls the first day of spring.  (It has something to do with the way the earth tilts.  I don’t get that.  The earth tends to … Continue reading

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Endless winter

March came in like a lion, alright, but it shows no sign of going out in a lamb-like fashion.  In fact, it’s been a virtual velociraptor from where I’m sitting – an all-consuming, voracious beast leaving nothing behind but mounds … Continue reading

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The Pothole Slalom

Even though this year’s Sochi “Invasion-Distraction” Winter Olympic games are over, we’re still in the middle of the Neverending-Winter Olympics here in lovely New England.  That’s the good news in this otherwise depressing winter that seems like it might drag … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Sun

It’s 55 degrees and sunny.  Has there ever been a more perfect song for a day like this? I feel it.  I’m listening to it.  Enjoy it.   Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, And I say, it’s … Continue reading

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Saving Daylight

Two things I dread every year are automobile inspections and changing the clocks.  Both are very stressful times for me.  And since my family owns two cars, both happen twice a year. As car inspection month approaches, my stomach tightens, … Continue reading

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Time to beg

Every year around this time, I slip into begging mode.  What used to be uncomfortable and daunting has sadly become natural and easy.  Part of the change can be attributed to simple repetition.  Do something long enough and it becomes … Continue reading

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Happy MS Awareness Week!

Somehow, wishing people a “Happy MS Awareness Week” seems weird at best and morbid at worst.  How happy can it be?  If you don’t have MS, you can be happy about that fact, at least. What does it mean to … Continue reading

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