Time to beg

begging Every year around this time, I slip into begging mode.  What used to be uncomfortable and daunting has sadly become natural and easy.  Part of the change can be attributed to simple repetition.  Do something long enough and it becomes second nature.

The other (hopefully dominant) reason is that the needs have not diminished.  Those who will benefit from my begging often can’t do so themselves.  See this post for an in depth explanation of that phenomenon regarding Haiti, at least.

Some consolation comes from the fact that I don’t personally benefit from the help I seek.  The beneficiaries are the people of Haiti and those who suffer far more than I do from MS.

Without further adieu, here is, as an old friend once called it, “The Bite”:

TriviaNightLogoSmallOn April 4, I’m hosting the 5th Annual Trivia Night and Silent Auction to benefit Servants for Haiti.  The evening, if I must say so myself, is a wicked lot of fun.  Groups sit at tables, eat, drink, answer questions, get to show off their knowledge (or ignorance, as the case may be), bid on terrific auction items, and help a great cause.  It’s not often you can accomplish that level of multitasking!

The logistics:

Friday, April 4, 2014 at 7:30 PM
Chelmsford Elks Hall
300 Littleton Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824
$15/per ticket

All money raised goes to support our small business program, Biznis Pam.  It’s a great program – no handouts, just empowerment.  You can read all about it on the SFH web site.

Tickets can be bought online at the SFH web site.  Or, I’d be willing to reserve some for you if you contact me.  Please consider joining us.  I promise you’ll have a good time for a good purpose.

MVMSMay 3 is the annual “Ride the Vineyard” bike ride to raise funds for MS.  I’ve been part of this ride on and off since 1996, even before I was diagnosed.  Over the years, family, friends, and I have raised tens of thousands of dollars to help the MS Society help my friends with MS.

The big difference this year is that, for the first time, our team has a real sponsor and a new name to recognize that fact.  In past years, we’ve been known as “The Flying Contini’s” and “Team Photo”.  Now we’re officially “The Vineyard Square Wheelers”.

Strange name?  Hard to argue, but there’s solid logic behind it.  First, our sponsor is the beautiful island resort, Vineyard Square Hotel and Suites.  We’ve incorporated their name so people will know about their tremendous support of the team.

Second, there is something wonderfully metaphoric about MS and the image of a bicycle with square wheels:SquareWheelsLike riding a square-wheeled bike, life is hard with MS.  It makes everything more difficult, more expensive, and slower.  Every day is a struggle for people with MS.  They might as well be biking on square wheels.

If you want to support our ride, you can do so on our donations pages.  The team as a whole has a page, as does each team member.

This is the team’s page.

This is my personal page.

Your financial support is greatly appreciated, whether toward me or our team.  Hopefully things will have warmed up by then.

There you have it, two ways to Do Good in the next few months.  Thanx for reading and thanx for considering these causes.


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