Endless winter

winterMarch came in like a lion, alright, but it shows no sign of going out in a lamb-like fashion.  In fact, it’s been a virtual velociraptor from where I’m sitting – an all-consuming, voracious beast leaving nothing behind but mounds of filthy ice and snow.  And more cold.

Yup, we know winter will end eventually.  Unlike the caveats of the investment gurus, past performance is a predictor of future returns.  We’ll eventually see the sun and walk in its warmth.  Summer will follow winter as it always has. *

It just doesn’t feel that way.

Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of something particularly trying, it seems as if it will never end.  The clock ticks just a bit slower if you’re watching it from the dentist’s chair or waiting in the emergency room.

There was an old movie about surfers chasing the warm weather around the globe so they could search year-round for the perfect wave.  It was called “Endless Summer”.  Sounds more appealing than “Endless Winter”.  (Yes, there are skiers who spend half the year in Chile so they can ski in August, but they are the exception.  They’re also slightly nuts.)

A lot of people are griping about how cold, dark, and stormy this winter has been.  I don’t blame them.  Although I had a nice break smack dab in the middle of it, I’m still wearied by the incessant chill.  But you know, come August, those same people will be mouthing those same complaints, with the words changed only marginally.

[Hot | Cold] enough for ya?  Can you believe the [heat | cold]?  I haven’t left my house in a week.  And all that [humidity | snow] just makes it worse.  It seems like this [summer | winter] will never end.  I can’t wait till [fall | spring].

People seem to have a primal need to complain about something.  (See my previous post for more on complaining.)  If it was 72 and sunny every day, you’d hear complaints about how boring the weather is.

Not me.  Yes, I complain about the cold.  I hate it.  But you won’t hear me saying a negative word about the heat.  I love it.  In spite of the fact that I have a problem with heat because of my MS, I prefer it to the cold.  I’ll contentedly tolerate all manner of heat and humidity.

Thus, I reserve the right to complain about winter.

The thing about cold is, it hurts!  Warmth doesn’t.  It can be mildly uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt.  (I’m not talking about temperatures above, say, 150 degrees here.  That can hurt, but that’s not weather, that’s cooking.)

Thank God for summer… and winter, no matter how long it lasts.

* Note the exception: 1816 was known as “The Year Without Summer”.  That may have been an anomaly, but I’m starting to worry about 2014.


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2 Responses to Endless winter

  1. yvonnedes123 says:

    Too funny Rick! I am just the opposite. I can tolerate the cold but not the heat. I am downright miserable in the heat! For the record, I have not complained once about the winter weather this year. Not when I came back from a trip and had to clean off my snow covered car wearing only a sweater to help fight the cold. Not after slipping and falling on my butt on the ice. And not after any of the times my mom came to stay during a projected storm in case we lost power. I state this fact to reserve the right to complain in July. Be prepared- I plan to complain A LOT!!

    But like I always say, “my MS is not your MS and your MS is weird!”


    MS Madness!A “Giggle More, Cry Less”Story of Multiple Sclerosiswww.yvonnedesousa.com

    • rickconti says:

      Yes, Yvonne, I agree. My MS is weird, just like everyone else’s. :^)

      That’s what frustrates the dickens out of the medical society. And that’s why we each know our MS better than anyone else, including, I’m convinced, our doctors.

      Weird power!

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