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The non-Exodus of Haiti

I was thinking about Haiti recently.  Nothing unusual about that; I do it on a regular basis, which would explain why I’ve written three screenplays and a book on the topic.  But this was in response to a sermon I’d … Continue reading

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A quiz for life

As a big supporter of the work of Partners in Health, I’d like to pass along this message I just received from them.  Take their quiz and 50 cents goes toward saving the lives of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth … Continue reading

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Soda prejudice

So shoot me. I like Coke.  Not New Coke or Diet Coke or Cherry Coke or even Pepsi.  What I can’t abide is the mindless prejudice against all sodas and Coke in particular.  Let me give you an example. Recently … Continue reading

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Lame MS Humor

What with personal issues and busy schedules and lack of motivation and what-have-you, it’s often hard to come up with something interesting to write in these posts. Go ahead and say it: That never stopped me before. Sadly, that would … Continue reading

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And a little child shall lead them…

God have mercy on us all.

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Everything I Own

Here’s a confession: Besides all the rock’n’roll, I’m a sucker for a good schmaltzy love song.  The masters of that genre were a band called Bread, led by the extraordinary  David Gates.  (Anyone who can write songs that melt the … Continue reading

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Violence or gratitude?

Did you see the reports on the violence at the campus of UC Santa Barbara?  This past Monday, 4/7, the annual “Deltopia” party got out of control, resulting in injuries, destruction, and arrests.  Hopefully, change will come of all the  hand-wringing, … Continue reading

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Flabby faith

Great news!  A fitness center is opening soon in my town! That will make about a dozen gyms/fitness centers in this relatively small town.  So why do most of its citizens appear to be out of shape?  In fact, there … Continue reading

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It’s Official

As of yesterday, Spring is here.  Three pieces of evidence are required to confirm any fact.  Here are mine: The bike path is open, end to end.           I saw a squirrel scurrying across the road. … Continue reading

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An intelligent new post

April fools!  Nothing intelligent, nothing new.  No real post. The 5th Annual Trivia Night and Silent Auction for Haiti is taking up all my time this week.  You can make it more worthwhile by coming out, supporting it, and having … Continue reading

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