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The non-Exodus of Haiti

I was thinking about Haiti recently.  Nothing unusual about that; I do it on a regular basis, which would explain why I’ve written three screenplays and a book on the topic.  But this was in response to a sermon I’d … Continue reading

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A quiz for life

As a big supporter of the work of Partners in Health, I’d like to pass along this message I just received from them.  Take their quiz and 50 cents goes toward saving the lives of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth … Continue reading

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Soda prejudice

So shoot me. I like Coke.  Not New Coke or Diet Coke or Cherry Coke or even Pepsi.  What I can’t abide is the mindless prejudice against all sodas and Coke in particular.  Let me give you an example. Recently … Continue reading

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Lame MS Humor

What with personal issues and busy schedules and lack of motivation and what-have-you, it’s often hard to come up with something interesting to write in these posts. Go ahead and say it: That never stopped me before. Sadly, that would … Continue reading

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And a little child shall lead them…

God have mercy on us all.

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Everything I Own

Here’s a confession: Besides all the rock’n’roll, I’m a sucker for a good schmaltzy love song.  The masters of that genre were a band called Bread, led by the extraordinary  David Gates.  (Anyone who can write songs that melt the … Continue reading

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Violence or gratitude?

Did you see the reports on the violence at the campus of UC Santa Barbara?  This past Monday, 4/7, the annual “Deltopia” party got out of control, resulting in injuries, destruction, and arrests.  Hopefully, change will come of all the  hand-wringing, … Continue reading

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