An intelligent new post

april1April fools!  Nothing intelligent, nothing new.  No real post.

The 5th Annual Trivia Night and Silent Auction for Haiti is taking up all my time this week.  You can make it more worthwhile by coming out, supporting it, and having a fabulous time in the process.

For those who need a real April Fools reference, here are some possible fun posts:

  • Weather forecast for the remainder of spring: Sunny and mid-70’s!
  • A Kardashian with a brain has been uncovered under a rock in Wilkes-Barre, PA.
  • How is it that is the only web site that has ever had problems on its inception?
  • Chief MS researcher says he has, “no clue about this flippin’ disease.”
  • Rob Ford announces for Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries are the newly discovered 6th food group.
  • Next Martin Scorcese film to be a G-rated musical based on the story of “Pollyanna”.
  • Pats coach Belichick to give up coaching for career as stand-up comic.
  • In a related story, Peyton Manning has actually turned down an endorsement opportunity!

There are probably lots of others, but… back to trivia!


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