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Ode to cinnamon and garlic

When it comes to food preparation, these are the essentials: Cinnamon and garlic.  It’s a rare dish that can’t be improved by one of these seasonings, though I’m at a loss to think of something that would benefit from both. … Continue reading

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Phun Photos*

Just a few photos I took with my lame stupid-phone camera (no smart phone for me), thus the poor resolution. Is this a big enough problem that it requires a sign?  I suppose confetti is okay elsewhere. Maybe the confetti … Continue reading

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Left Behind

This sign has been on this traffic light post in front of a local gas station so long, it’s become invisible.  For some reason, I was drawn to it again this week. Evidently, we were all, as the popular book … Continue reading

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Bike MS: Ride The Vineyard 2014 trip report

As I’ve written in a previous post, I participate in the National MS Society’s “Ride the Vineyard” fundraiser every year.  The 2014 edition was held two weeks ago today on May 3.  To let people know how it turned out … Continue reading

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Stupid pet tricks, close to home

Sorry, but I can’t resist sharing this.  Normally, I don’t get into sharing videos, especially videos about cats, but this is pretty amazing and it’s in the family. Enjoy. Now that’s one cool cat.

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A Long Story

To make a long story short… He lived.  Stuff happened.  He died.

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Lies we believe #4

Here are some lies we are meant to believe.  I pray none of us fall for any of this crock, but we aren’t always in complete control of our wills.  (See this post for more on that problem.) What follows … Continue reading

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