Phun Photos*

Just a few photos I took with my lame stupid-phone camera (no smart phone for me), thus the poor resolution.

051614194735 Is this a big enough problem that it requires a sign?  I suppose confetti is okay elsewhere. Maybe the confetti is made from pieces of letters from the sign itself.




ATMMake your own caption.  Here’s a start:

  1. Alien robot mistaken for an ATM escapes back to mother ship.
  2. The scene of a brazen crime.
  3. Sadly, there are a pile of debit cards sitting inside this thing, from people unclear on the concept.
  4. Arnold T. Morton’s puppet show starts in 15 minutes.




052014155448It’s comforting when you know your hospital has such high regard for your IQ.  Ironically, I’m kind of up in the air about the place.





One more missed opportunity photo: I saw this book for sale.  When I returned to take a picture of it, it had been sold.  No shortage of idiots.

IdiotAstroIs this the most redundant name ever for a book?




* Although I hate it when words are spelled wrong for the sole purpose of matching an adjacent word, this time it’s in keeping with the ironic nature of the post.  The most egregious violation of this idea is a local day care center called: Klub Kid.  Do I really want my child’s introduction into informal education to be in an organization that can’t spell a simple four-letter word?


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6 Responses to Phun Photos*

  1. margaret leavister says:

    As a long-ago English major, these crazy spellings have bothered me over the years. Yet it does make ESL somewhat interesting– for ex., I love to tell students what “Dunkin” means, and that “doughnut” is also spelled wrong…

  2. rickconti says:

    As if English isn’t confusing enough with its sources from so many other languages, we throw in “marketing-ese” with words like brite, kleen, kool, and kwik. Margaret, you have my sympathy!

  3. John Vaporis says:

    A Day Care that is going to “Klub” your “Kid”… How is that good?

  4. John Vaporis says:

    The 2nd Photo looks like Space Invaders Arcade game without the guts.

  5. rickconti says:

    Their klubbing khids wit pore spelling. 🙂

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