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When I Walk

MS and movies are two topics that are close to my heart, so when I see them come together, and in such a powerful way, I feel the need to pass it along. Below is the trailer for an excellent … Continue reading

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Tyrannical compassion

It was a kids’ event. That probably set the tone. Munchkins were running rampant in the library meeting room waiting for the movie as patiently as a room full of 3 to 12-year-olds can be expected to wait, i.e. not … Continue reading

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Blog mitosis

This is a momentous day for me. Four years ago today, I’m told by WordPress, I registered this blog: “Limping in the Light”. This is my 250th post in that time. (Whew!) It’s been a lot of work but also … Continue reading

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Thanx #14

As I approach my 250th post – planned for 6/14 – and starting a new blog – planned for 6/17, which also marks the fourth (!) anniversary of my very first post for Limping in the Light – I’m moved … Continue reading

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Sweet Phone O’ Mine

Living on a busy street, I get a curb’s-eye view of the world passing by. It can be entertaining and it can be educating, but it’s not always pretty. Too much of that world consists of massive trucks and illegally … Continue reading

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Too good to fail

Remember when people actually fell for that idiotic philosophy of bailing out businesses that were “too big to fail?” That the mere size of a business made it more important than the society it supposedly existed to serve? Ha! Wait.  … Continue reading

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Do I know you?

Sounds like a tired pick-up line, doesn’t it?  “You look familiar, do I know you from somewhere?”  My problem is that I could say this every day, several times a day.  Nearly everyone looks familiar to me. Think about it.  … Continue reading

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