Thanx #14

thanx14As I approach my 250th post – planned for 6/14 – and starting a new blog – planned for 6/17, which also marks the fourth (!) anniversary of my very first post for Limping in the Light – I’m moved to nostalgia and gratitude. The former gets boring fast, the latter is a rather simple task… so I’ll do that.

Herewith, my 14th post dedicated to giving thanks to my Creator and all the people, places, and things He has used.

  1. The Vineyard Square Wheelers
  2. Biking and more biking
  3. Fusion
  4. Fun weddings
  5. Mark, the ADHD gospel
  6. 90 years of life
  7. Santa Barbara, the bikes and the Film Fest
  8. Peace Like a River“, still great the fourth time through
  9. The Station Agent
  10. Indie movies
  11. Hearing the call
  12. Bagel Land
  13. Dr. Rintell
  14. Farmer’s Markets
  15. Angela’s Soul Fired pizza
  16. Reconciliation
  17. Redemption
  18. the Thesaurus
  19. Sully’s
  20. You

A more disciplined person would record these things as he went along, thus having more items and fewer repeats. To paraphrase Lily Tomlin’s thoughts on a radically different topic:

I try to be grateful, but I can’t keep up.

My next post will explain what the whole blog split means to me and to you.


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