When I Walk

MS and movies are two topics that are close to my heart, so when I see them come together, and in such a powerful way, I feel the need to pass it along.

Below is the trailer for an excellent and important documentary about MS by a filmmaker who was diagnosed with primary progressive MS, the rarest and most dangerous form of the disease.

The film is gripping, sad, inspiring, painful, and often hard to watch because it’s real. The entire film can be streamed from PBS’s POV web site. It will only be available there through July 23, 2014. Alternatively, the video can be purchased or borrowed from your local library.

Highly recommended for anyone touched by MS, especially those who don’t “get it.”

My thanx to Scott who brought it to my attention in a comment to a previous post. Soon after, I noticed that the movie and its creator, Jason DaSilva, are featured in an article in the MS Society’s Momentum magazine.

Beyond the movie, Mr. DaSilva helped bring about the creation of an app and web site that can be used to locate and/or rate businesses by how accessible they are. AXSmap can be updated by anyone with current accessibility information. In some geographies, the data is sparse at the moment, but you can be the one to bring it up to date with your own findings.

Here’s a way to serve the disabled community. Service is an effective therapy for MS, depression, and other ills. Do yourself and others a favor today by pitching in.


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