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Nothing to spit at

MS takes a lot from its unfortunate targets. Funny how you tend to miss little things like walking, seeing, writing, playing musical instruments, sports, standing upright for more than a few minutes…or seconds. Yeah, those are all missed by some … Continue reading

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Retiring retirement

In a discussion with a friend while riding bikes – a great time for connecting with people, by the way – we came to the conclusion that it’s time to retire the concept of retirement as it currently exists. When … Continue reading

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Is more better?

A new MS drug was approved yesterday. Biogen (makers of Avonex, Tysabri, and Tecfidera) have introduced Plegridy to the market. (Who comes up with these names? Babbling infants or random letter generators?) Of course media coverage concentrated more on the … Continue reading

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Welcome to MS Land 2 – A New Hope

[Let me confess that my last post, submitted in a rush a couple of days early, wasn’t thought through completely. The story’s shortcoming was pointed out by a friend’s constructive comment (“Faithful are the wounds of a friend.”) after the … Continue reading

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Welcome to MS Land

Hello, friend. Welcome to the exciting and treacherous land of MS. You’ll want to watch your every step. You never know when things will change. They often do so rapidly and without warning. That unpredictability is what gives this land … Continue reading

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