Welcome to MS Land

mslandHello, friend. Welcome to the exciting and treacherous land of MS. You’ll want to watch your every step. You never know when things will change. They often do so rapidly and without warning.

That unpredictability is what gives this land its reputation as a place not suited for the faint of heart or soul. There are no reliable maps to guide you on your way. And although there are many paths, there’s no telling where any given one will lead. Those who have gone before can and will give you the advice of experience and they can encourage you, but they cannot get you safely across. Each visitor to this brutal and wondrous land must chart new territory for himself.

There are more modes of transport than ever to help get you across the countryside. The newest forms have broken new ground in comfort and effectiveness but, because of their untested nature, they are more liable to break down or present other unforeseen problems at any time. More than one visitor has been lost on their way using these transports. Thus, many tourists choose to rely on more tried and true, but still often ineffective, methods, enduring the pain and hassle of those approaches.

We’ll do whatever we can to make your stay as safe and uneventful as possible. In fact, your best hope for your visit here is for nothing at all to happen. For that reason, and because there is no known way out of the land, no one visits of their own volition. Most are dragged in kicking and screaming.

To make the most of your stay, we strongly recommend you learn as much about the region as possible. Also, pay attention to how you interact with the terrain. Many people have found their own niches, settling in with as little difficulty as possible. That’s the most you can hope for, I’m afraid.

One more important piece of traveling advice for pilgrim in MS Land: Find others with whom to travel. Trying to make your way alone through this perilous province is an invitation to more trouble. Those who travel in groups seem to fare the best.

Be careful out there.


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6 Responses to Welcome to MS Land

  1. Sandy Sullivan says:

    So true, no one should travel alone. This is not advise for just MS, but for any critical illness. We need both physical and spiritual company to help mend out wounds! 🙏. 😉. We don’t know when the journey will end; make each moment the best!

  2. Jeffrey Marshall says:

    Thanks a lot. There is much truth to your vision. Having said that, however, your overall depiction leaves me depressed. Where’s the hope or the faith?

    • rickconti says:

      You’re absolutely right, Jeff. I rushed this one out because I won’t have a chance to do a post on my usual day. That was a mistake. I left out exactly what has been my greatest consolation in my wanderings through MS Land: Faith in a powerful, loving God. Also hope for better “modes of transport”, especially one that finally leads us all out to the Promised Land of a cure.

      Thanx for calling me out for that mistake, friend. I truly appreciate it.

  3. rdgjunior65@aol.com says:

    Hi Rick, FANTASTIC!!!!! could I post this to MS in the Northeast on FB? Thanks for the encouragement you show us. God bless Ron

    • rickconti says:

      Thanx for the encouragement, Ron.

      I have no problem with you posting (or in blog parlance, reposting) this on your FB page. I wonder, however, if you could wait a week? Jeff’s comment cut me to the quick. As it is, the post is dark with little hope. In my next post, I’ll put in a “sequel” offering a bit of redemption. If you could hold off till that’s done, it would send a better an more complete message.

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