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The newly diagnosed

(Many days, when I’m confronted with the dreaded “blank page” that’s the bane of so many writers’ creative lives, I find myself with a recurring problem: what to write. That’s due more to a lack of inspiration than a shortage … Continue reading

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Nothing stops the glory [updated]

I’ve already waxed poetic on my high regard for the Morning Glory in this previous post. Time to revisit this beauteous blossom as the warm days of early autumn fade into the inevitable chill that awaits us. The occasion for … Continue reading

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The Old Man and the Bike

The local bike path is among my favorite places to be. Riding its length is invariably a positive experience. One of the attractions is the community feel of the route. Greeting other users of the trail – cyclists, walkers, runners, … Continue reading

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Don’t I look great?

Last week I watched a terrific movie that debated the value of words versus pictures. (Logically enough, the movie was called “Words and Pictures”.) Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Let’s find out… My posts are generally a … Continue reading

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