Nothing stops the glory [updated]

I’ve already waxed poetic on my high regard for the Morning Glory in this previous post. Time to revisit this beauteous blossom as the warm days of early autumn fade into the inevitable chill that awaits us.

The occasion for my return to the topic is not just to whip out a cheap retread post due to my being under the weather or unmotivated – although both of those are true. I’m moved by the fact that, with this last pulse of warm weather, our morning glories are out in full force.

Here’s one that caps our lamppost:

??????????But there’s more here than meets the camera lens. After admiring the bloom, I glanced down at the base of the plant as it snaked its way out of the pot we planted it in.

DSCN0212Do you see it? No, not the badly needed paint job of the post. The vines from which that beautiful flower grew, usually the healthy green you see in the top photo, have started to wither already.

From all external appearances, those vines could pass for dead. Yet, they give forth life, and a spectacular one at that.

I don’t know why, but I find that inspiring. I hope you do, too.

A little addendum:

A couple of mornings ago, in the midst of an extended warm spell that clings to our area, even as I cling to the warmth, one of our morning glory vines, faded and wizened as they are, produced the following blossom:

MGwhiteThat’s right, in spite of the fact that this is a plant of the Heavenly Blue variety, it bore a single sparkling white flower.


That audacious growth reminded me that God’s creation is capable of surprises of great beauty and value. As one of His creations, could it be that I am also capable of such accomplishments?

Thrilling and humbling… and just a wee bit scary.

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2 Responses to Nothing stops the glory [updated]

  1. Diane says:

    This brought some tears & touched me more than you’ll. ever know. You write Beautifully & have a Wonderful perspective on what is truly important. Thank You

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