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Thanx #15 (Thanksgiving 2014 Edition)

Back in the day, I would occasionally write a post with a list of twenty or so items for which I was thankful. The genesis of, and a bit of background on, this idea can be found in one of … Continue reading

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Not what I will

Who among those of us who claim to follow Jesus Christ hasn’t at one time or another felt a kinship with His suffering? While our suffering pales compared to what He went through, those with MS or any chronic, debilitating … Continue reading

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Happy World Toilet Day!

Believe it or not, there really is a World Toilet Day. This special post (posted both here and on my other blog, Scribbling in the Sand) is to make you aware of a holiday that sounds funny, but is deadly … Continue reading

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MS and torture

Several years ago, the White House issued an executive order banning the use of torture as an interrogation technique. I’d have to say this is a Good Thing. A moral nation should try its best to avoid practices such as … Continue reading

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Love is the only risk

From the Bureau of Little Known Multiple Sclerosis Facts comes this fascinating statistical anomaly related to the incidence of MS in a certain class of people. It’s little known because I just discovered it. Anyone who gave the matter even … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Newly Diagnosed

In my last post, I made a case for folks with MS, particularly the so-called “newly diagnosed” as defined in aforementioned post, to become part of some kind of support group, not just for their own sake, but for the … Continue reading

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