Thanx #15 (Thanksgiving 2014 Edition)

thanx15Back in the day, I would occasionally write a post with a list of twenty or so items for which I was thankful. The genesis of, and a bit of background on, this idea can be found in one of my earliest posts, cleverly entitled Thanx #1. This being #15, you might think I’d be running out of things to be thankful for.

You’d be wrong.

The day I run out of things to be thankful for is the day I will die. By my belief system and by the grace of God, that’s just when the real thanking will begin. Until then, I’ll have to settle for these more terrestrial items.

More often than not, my lists are cryptic, holding meaning only for me. That’s sort of unfair. I’ll try to be a little less evasive here, but no guarantees.

  1. I’m grateful and humbled (it’s amazing how often those two go together) to have been anointed “JP for a Day” in the shadow of the glorious Green Mountains of Vermont.
  2. I’m as grateful for the privilege of serving others as I am for the service others have rendered to me.
  3. For you and to you, dear reader, I wish to express my profound thanks. Never underestimate the value of those who sacrifice their own precious time to listen to or read your words. Thanx, Mark
  4. For the past several months, I’ve had the privilege of reading St. Mark’s account of the life of Jesus. He’s an exciting writer, a wonderful companion, and a faithful chronicler of an incomparable life.
  5. DSCN0222The last eight months have been the most spectacularly favorable consecutive months of biking weather I could even imagine. Not too hot, not too cold, not too wet. Riding on a great and easily accessible bike path on a regular basis from April through November (not including a few blessed weeks in CA) is something to be immensely grateful for. I am.
  6. I am thankful for the prompting to be thankful. I’ve encountered a sufficient number of people who are gratitude-challenged that I don’t even take gratitude for granted. Like everything else in my life, including my life, it’s a gift of which I’m undeserving.
  7. The following obscure movies are worthy of my gratitude:
    1. The Face of Love
    2. Words and Pictures
    3. Le Chef
    4. Home
    5. When I Walk
    6. Girl Rising
    7. The list could go on and on. Not a superhero in the bunch.
  8. How about some books I’ve read in the past year:
    1. Unbroken
    2. The Fault in Our Stars
    3. Multiple titles by Frederick Buechner
    4. As You Wish
    5. Wait Till Next Year
  9. Thanksgiving with lots of family, with an age range of about 89 years.
  10. The MS Cure Fund has provided many opportunities to not only learn more about MS but, more importantly, give me a chance to hang out with some of the bravest and most interesting people I’ve ever met.
  11. Church on the bike path. I’ve had some of the most joyous times of worship while cruising along on my little Trek.
  12. For all the things I usually take for granted, things that most of the world only dreams about: food on the table, clothes on my back, a roof over my head, the love of family around me, and freedom. Ignoring the unique blessing that each of those is could be the greatest sin we can commit.
  13. The efficacy of the PB&J therapy in my life.
  14. I can never, ever, ever overstate or outlive my gratitude for my wife and best friend. She’s still the one.
  15. Babies on the way! (Not mine.)
  16. Socially Responsible Investment opportunities. It really does matter who I loan my money to, even if it took me several decades to learn it.
  17. I’m so thankful to have stumbled on one of the most fun places I’ve been to in a long while: Luna at Mill No. 5. Read more about my take on it here.
  18. Thanx to all the places that have put up with a bunch of disruptive, boisterous, space-filling MS folks: The Java Room, True North Coffee Cafe, Tuscan Market, and The Brickyard.
  19. Great doctors, dentists, and mechanics. When you find them, as the song goes, never let them go.
  20. Finally and foremost, I’ll borrow another’s words to express supreme thanx:

I’m forever grateful to You.
I’m forever grateful for the cross.
I’m forever grateful to You,
that You came to seek and save the lost.

Lost: That would be me.


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4 Responses to Thanx #15 (Thanksgiving 2014 Edition)

  1. Jeffrey Marshall says:

    Just in case you think that no one reads your blog… are mistaken! Tell me, though, for thanks #1, what are the initials “JP”?

    • rickconti says:

      JP = Justice of the Peace. That’s essentially how I was anointed by the state of VT to perform a wedding. I thought “Father Rick” might be putting on airs. 🙂

  2. Nikki CB says:

    Wonderful. It was great to see you for Thanksgiving! And I’m taking notes on all these books and movies to read/watch!

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