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The Christmas door slams

I’m exhausted. Blame it on MS, age, or simply the craziness of Christmas, but for whatever reason, I’m wasted and have no energy or time for a complete post. Instead, I’m making this brief observation on the season. How long … Continue reading

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The Christmas Exile

This particular post has nothing to do with MS, which is the basis of the “limping” part of the blog’s name. That’s okay, isn’t it? We’re more than the sum of our symptoms. The post is, however, about the season … Continue reading

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Running for her life

I have a new hero. Living in the MS community, I encounter a lot of heroic people. They deal with the volatility of their shared condition with courage and grace beyond what most of us can muster up. Kayla Montgomery … Continue reading

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Unlike others with MS for whom the strength-sapping heat of summer is a constant nemesis, I like the heat. By logical inference, you might assume I am not a fan of the cold. You’d be right on. I dislike cold … Continue reading

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