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The best MS news in years

A brief thought on a busy day… A friend of mine performs an invaluable service to a group of us in the MS community. He gathers Internet stories about the latest developments on the disease and sends us the links. … Continue reading

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Say it ain’t so, Mitt

As Adele would say, “Rumor has it…” that Mitt Romney is mulling over a third-time’s-the-charm run for the presidency. He’s taken a look around at the political landscape and determined that the time has come. Again. One would think that, … Continue reading

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Alternative Vitamins

Everyone with MS is familiar with alternative medicine, or as it has been dubbed, probably by practitioners of mainline medicine so they don’t get completely cut out of the deal, “complementary medicine” or CM. There’s also the compromise term, CAM, … Continue reading

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The Faces of Haiti – five years later

Haiti. Five years ago today. Earthquake + grinding poverty = total devastation. In honor of a courageous and resilient people whose suffering seems as unending as it is inequitable, I share a few photos of the faces of the country, … Continue reading

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My Tribute: Andraé Crouch 1942-2015

I’m moved today to pay tribute to one of the great musical talents of the past century. Andraé Crouch was a singer, musician, composer, choir director, producer, and pastor during his 72 years. He died Friday Jan 8, after suffering … Continue reading

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Sharing the pain

The two primary themes of this blog are MS (the “limping”) and Jesus (the “light”). While not part of the title, there’s a third theme that pops up with some frequency: the value of community. More often than not, I’m … Continue reading

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