The best MS news in years

goodnewsA brief thought on a busy day…

A friend of mine performs an invaluable service to a group of us in the MS community. He gathers Internet stories about the latest developments on the disease and sends us the links. Yesterday, he sent me an article that made my day. Nay, my year! (The year is young.)

It turns out that cinnamon, the spice I crave, the very same one I once devoted half a blog post to, has shown therapeutic value in treating EAE, an MS-like disease in mice, often used as a model in preliminary MS research. You can read the great news in this article.

The funny thing is, its effects as described in the article sound exactly like some of the well known DMT’s out there. But there are no side effects to cinnamon! (Although some unfortunate souls are allergic.) In fact, it’s wicked yummy! Can’t say that about Tecfidera.

To celebrate this groundbreaking scientific advance and fight MS in the process, I had a cinnamon roll for breakfast and a slice of cinnamon toast for a late night snack.

I’m feeling better already.cinnamonroll

Side note: The title of the article mentioned above is, “Could cinnamon improve multiple sclerosis?” Does anyone else see the problem there? I’m not interested in improving MS. It’s doing just fine without my help, thank you very much. What we want to do is hinder, lessen, repress (someone’s been spending too much time in the thesaurus) and otherwise cause damage to MS before it does its damage to us.

Let’s be a little more diligent in our copy editing, friends.


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