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The Age of Freebies

We live in the Age of Free. Not free people, unfortunately, but Free Stuff. There’s more stuff – some very good stuff – you can get gratis these days than I can remember being available in my lifetime. In fact, … Continue reading

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MS: It’s not just a disease…

As much as the wretched condition allows, I try to acknowledge the upside of MS. Sure, dismiss it as a clichéd attempt to “count my blessings”, but consider the alternative: Endlessly recounting every pain and inconvenience of MS is not … Continue reading

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On vacation from leisure

Although MS and age conspire to make my memory as reliable as an ’87 Yugo, I can still recall much of my youth. Go figure. One recollection that has come to mind recently is the way the future was portrayed … Continue reading

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Another Day in Limbo

This is the “day between” of Holy Week. It’s called Holy Saturday – rather generic sounding compared to Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, or Easter* Sunday – probably for lack of a better name. Waiting Saturday, Nothing Saturday, Between Saturday. None … Continue reading

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