Thanx #16

Thanx16It’s been more than six months since I did one of my “thanx” posts. There are so many things to write about regarding the world of MS and its intersection with the world of faith, I sometimes neglect these.  Gratitude being an essential part of my MS therapy, it’s unhealthy to skip a dose.

Thank you God, Father of Lights from Whom every good and perfect gift comes, for:

  1. Lots of things to write about
  2. Family reunions
  3. The end of an endless winter
  4. All the people who came out to my script reading
  5. Still having Andrae’s music even though he’s gone home
  6. People from all over the world I’ve come to know through Marguerite
  7. The Christmas Truce
  8. Mary Poppins in all her forms
  9. The Night I Woke Up
  10. My Trek
  11. More obscure good movies, such as: The Good Lie, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
  12. The 4K mark
  13. Completing school and starting school
  14. Commentaries
  15. LEGENDary friends
  16. Sox tickets
  17. Republic Wireless
  18. Tony C’s
  19. Father’s/Grandfather’s/Great Grandfather’s Day
  20. Jenna and Kai, the two most beautiful children in the world

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2 Responses to Thanx #16

  1. Leavister, Margaret says:

    Hi Rick,

    Just started the (rainy) day reading your post. I wondered who #10 was, then I thought, does Rick mean me? If so, I say thank you for your thanking God for your love for those people you’ve met through me.

    Have to tell you that, I myself once came up with a simple thanksgiving prayer: “Thank you, Lord, for all You have done, all You are doing, and all You will do.” I’d like people to remember me by that. As well as by one of my favorite verses, “I believe, help my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24.) Rather contradictory thoughts, aren’t they?

    Love and prayers,

    • rickconti says:

      As followers of Christ, we have a lot of contradictions to deal with: God is one but three, He’s holy but merciful, Jesus is fully God and fully man. How else to reconcile it all, but through that seemingly contradictory plea?

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