R(eally) E(xcellent) I(dea)

rei-optoutsideI don’t push corporate agendas very often in my blog. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done it because it generally goes against every moral fiber of my being. (Chilmark Chocolates doesn’t qualify as a greedy corporate entity.) There’s a first time, it seems, for everything.

REI, however, is not your typical enterprise, being a co-op devoted to fitness and the appreciation of the great outdoors. Yeah, they probably like making money, too, but they also have their priorities straight.

Here’s the proof of that claim:

REI will be closed on Black Friday.

You read correctly: This is a retailer that is closing on the single biggest retail day of the year. For that reason alone, I’ll be doing more shopping with them. It’s like that terrific scene in that terrific movie:

MO34St2Listen. I want to congratulate you and Macy’s on this wonderful new stunt you’re pulling. Imagine, sending people to other stores. I don’t get it. Imagine a big outfit like Macy’s putting the spirit of Christmas aheada the commoicial. It’s wonderful. I never done much shopping here before but from now on, I’m going to be a regular Macy customer.”

(How did that woman not win some kind of award for this performance? Just the way she says “aheada the commoicial” does it for me.)

Plug REI and Thanksgiving in there and you get the idea.

I’ve ranted about Black Friday before. It’s an odious custom of greed and chicanery whose willing victims are aiding and abetting the destruction of a great American (and human) tradition of gratitude. Yet, here’s a company that is literally putting its money on the line for its principles. I can’t express my regard highly enough. The best I can do is spread the word (ergo this post plus an Instagram entry) and do what they suggest: #optoutside.

You can join in by clicking on that hashtag link and opting out of insanity and joining in humanity, actively appreciating two gifts you’ll never want to return and you won’t find at Walmart: God’s creation and your own wellness.

It should not surprise anyone who knows me and/or reads this blog, that my activity of choice will be cycling. There are many ways to join the movement: walking, running, rollerblading, or if you’re one of my disabled friends, rolling along any way that works for you. Anything would be an improvement over getting crushed in an early morning crowd of “bargain” hunters.

See you out there!

[I reserve the right to alter my selection to (very slow) touch football or a (very short) walk if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Unfortunately, MS is no respecter of resolutions, no matter how admirable or firm they might be.]


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