Thanx #17

thanx17What more appropriate time to post a new “thanx” article than Thanksgiving week? For regular readers, you know I do this from time to time to remind myself of all I have to be thankful for.

I am not thankful for the way Verizon decided to rename the holiday “thanksgetting” in their ads. That’s probably in the spirit of the company’s mercenary marketing and predatory pricing tactics, not to mention the spirit of modern western culture. Makes me glad I dropped their TV, cell, and landline products. Shame on them!

Enough griping about evil corporate entities, a redundant phrase if ever there was one. On to the latest list of twenty things I’m thankful for.

  1. The carriage trails in Acadia National Park
  2. The New City Microcreamery (Check it out!)
  3. Mill 5 and all its tenants, such as Coffee & Cotton, Corn & Co., and Luna
  4. Fun small movies: What We Did on Our Holiday, Big Game, and Hunting Elephants
  5. Great small movies: Love and Mercy (my favorite film of the year)
  6. And at least one good big movie: The Martian (tied for my second favorite)
  7. YOU, my readers
  8. My soon-to-be-self-published novel, whose title is in flux (look for it here!)
  9. Friends from afar, ready to lend a hand and a prayer
  10. Instagram photos and videos of family I don’t see nearly enough
  11. Lending Phil a hand
  12. SIPA
  13. A long cycling season
  14. The NE Patriots
  15. Crawling, babbling babies in the house
  16. Danticat’s latest (I’ll read anything she writes, including graffiti and recipes.)
  17. Kai and Jenna – I said that last time, but I can’t be too thankful for them
  18. Kings Cribbage
  19. Joe – and a life well-lived
  20. Faithfulness in the face of faithlessness

As I remind myself each time I brainstorm these lists, there are countless other things that could easily be taken for granted, such as food, shelter, family, fresh air and sunshine (for as long as they last), each breath, and on and on and on. To forget those is to forget God, to Whom and for Whom I am most grateful.

Have a Thankful Thanksgiving!


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