MS stinks. We can all agree on that. It’s disabling, incurable, and only marginally treatable. It doesn’t get much worse than that. But…

Let’s show some love for the doctors trying to treat it. Can you imagine a more difficult job than being a neurologist treating patients with MS? There’s very little these folks can do. (They do it anyway, which is good fodder for another post.) They don’t know where the problem came from or where it’s going or how long it’s gonna take to get there. Kind of like working on the SETI project with less chance someone will want to make a movie about you.

Kai1 The reason this topic has been on my mind is because I’ve been spending a lot of time with babies lately. Don’t get me wrong. I adore babies. I love everything about them, including observing them, playing with them, holding them, and even changing their poopy diapers. (And, yes, you do have to use the word “poopy”.) Babies make me laugh hysterically, experience profound joy and love, and break my heart all at the same time.

But I would not want to be a pediatrician.

Imagine trying to treat a baby. It would always go something like this:

Doctor: What seems to be the problem?
Baby: Waaaaahhhh!
Doctor: I see. And how long have you felt this way?
Baby: Waaaaahhhh!
Doctor: Can you elaborate on that?
Baby: Waaaaahhhh!
Doctor: Where do you feel this, uh, pain or itch or, um, thing?
Baby: Waaaaahhhh!
Doctor: Do you have insurance?
Baby: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Barely distinguishable from a conversation I had with a neurologist once.

kai5The problem I have is exactly the same one the infant has. I lack the vocabulary to accurately convey my symptoms. (I also drool a lot, which makes the similarities downright scary.) Part of it is that MS has the most elusive and varied symptoms of any illness I can imagine. They’re weird and capricious and frightening. I wrote a post about this topic a few years ago, but it’s no less relevant now and it will continue to be so until someone puts a stake through the heart of this beast once and for all. For all our sakes, I pray it happens sooner than later.

Trying to identify and treat MS symptoms is like nailing jello to the wall. Next time I’m feeling sorry for myself, I’m going to pause and think about what those doctors are going through.

Then I’m going back to feeling sorry for myself.

Better yet, I’ll hug a baby.






For the record, the baby in these pictures has a happy to sad ratio that is the inverse of the ratio shown in these pictures, i.e. he is almost always happy. But he is a baby.


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4 Responses to Waaahhhh!

  1. yvonnedes123 says:

    Great one Rick.  Especially relevant to me as I love babies and my neurologist.  This is a picture taken just last week of me and the newest member of my family.  Unfortunately this little one lives two hours away from me.  I tried to bring her home but her parents objected.  Apparently they are pretty fond of her too.. 

    MS Madness!A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosiswww.yvonnedesousa.com

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    • rickconti says:

      Sadly, the baby in these pictures is 3000 miles away. 😦
      Since society frowns on the whole abduction thing, I must content myself with all-too-infrequent visits and frequent email, texts, and Skype. Thank God for technology!

  2. margaret leavister says:

    Rick, your blog here is so sweet– if that’s a good enough descriptive word! Pictures of babies, no matter whether they could be labeled as “cute” or not, and no matter what their expression is, are ALL so cute! And shouldn’t we all look at each other, as we’d look at babies– that each person, despite the bad they may have done, or the unpleasant way they may appear, are worthy of our love as it comes through God’s love? Being with a baby usually bring brightness and joy into our thoughts, or, if the little guy shows some hurt, we just want to reach out and comfort them. Even though we may not understand what the baby may be really feeling…But now I may have gone off too far on a tangent– except that we ourselves can’t always express to others our feelings, so they can “hear” us, as we’d like them to…Keep up the fine writings, brother in Him!

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