First world meds

I recently went away for a few days and had the “privilege” of having access to cable TV. At home, my antenna and DVD player more than suffice for my viewing needs.

The reason I mention this bit of trivia in which no one besides me could have any interest is that I was able, for better or worse, to watch some channels I’d normally avoid miss. There was one I watched for a couple of hours – I didn’t catch the name, but I think it was Hypochondriac TV – that ran more medication ads than I’d ever seen so close together. The other classes of commercial were household cleansers and diet products.

The funny (not funny “ha-ha”, funny “twisted”) thing is that none of these products serve any real purpose besides pumping chemicals into our already saturated environment. (Not the diet ads. That’s a different kind of toxicity.)

The “diseases” these medications treat are more annoyances, things that people all over the world live with every day and somehow survive, things such as toe fungus, irritable bowel syndrome (is there a more revolting name for a condition?), and dry eye. There was even one for an antidepressant to take with your other antidepressant. Don’t get me wrong. As a person with MS, I’ve needed an antidepressant from time to time. But two at the same time? Really?

People always complain about the side effects of meds. I get it. That’s a real concern. It’s one thing to risk and tolerate the side effects of a drug that treats MS, cancer, Parkinson’s, AIDS, and the like. But have you read the side effects of the treatments for these “first world” diseases? We’re risking our very lives so we don’t have to hit the john so often. We’re ingesting unknown chemicals so our breath isn’t quite as bad and our teeth are whiter. Come on.

Then there are those “cleaners.” The one that sickens me (pun intended) is Febreze. In order for your home to smell acceptable to guests (i.e. people you’re trying to impress but don’t really like, whose homes probably smell as bad as yours) Proctor & Gamble (ironic name, “gamble”) encourages us to spray this poison all over our belongings. What’s in Febreze? One web site I looked at listed these ingredients, among others:

BHT, a neurotoxin (that can’t be good for people with MS) that also adversely affects skin, eyes, and lungs
Acetaldehyde, a carcinogen that affects (not in a good way) reproduction, the immune system (what do these guys have against people with MS?), and skin, eyes, and lungs again

That’s only two of more than a dozen bizarre substances that affect/afflict your health. But at least it makes your home smell good. (Actually it doesn’t; it just makes it smell like the chemicals.)

I don’t know about you, but MS and the corresponding meds are plenty for me to deal with without adding “neurotoxins” to the air I breathe so my house smells like a Monsanto factory.


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4 Responses to First world meds

  1. Susan L. Fedric says:

    Check out the ingredients in LySol!!

    • rickconti says:

      Don’t even get me started on Lysol. Not only does the list of ingredients look like the composition of fuel from an alien spaceship, it would be harmful even if it were made from tofu. Trying to kill all germs and bacteria from our environment lowers our resistance to illness, especially in children. In our headlong rush for sterility, we’re making our kids sick.

      Thanx for pointing this out, Susan. We don’t want to let any of these chemical pushers off the hook!

  2. Sandy says:

    Commercials like the above are aired continuously in Florida especially drugs and their affect on the body. Another is lawyers waiting for ‘the car accident’ to happen! Or a
    medical malfunction (bunch of vultures).
    These commercials start @ 9 am until wherever & most healthy people play golf; I sit & listen to the birds (very delightful). We also tape the programs so we can skip through the ads.

    • rickconti says:

      I’m not surprised they run so frequently in FL. The station I was watching is known for its “mature” viewership. Like sleazy con men, the marketeers are preying on the fears of seniors. It’s really quite reprehensible. I say we sic those lawyers on the fear mongers and let them battle it out. Maybe they’ll eliminate each other.

      I’m glad you’re listening to birds instead. All they’re selling is peace. Great to hear from you, Sandy!

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