God the Mother

That’s a provocative title, I’m aware. God the Father is the more common appellation assigned to the Judeo-Christian deity. I’d maintain that either is appropriate. It’s impossible to successfully argue that God is male, although the article “He” is generally applied to Him. (There, now I’m part of the problem. For reasons of tradition, I’ll go with the masculine form.) God is spirit and transcends gender identification.

The reason this is on my mind is a message from the prophet Isaiah I’d read recently. He said:

As one whom his mother comforts,
    so I will comfort you;

That’s God comforting His people Israel in unmistakably feminine terms. It’s safe to assume He had no problem with this reference. Isaiah was on close terms with Jehovah.

So God comforts us the way a mother comforts her children. You Moms, whose special day was this past Sunday, know what this is talking about. (We Dads do, too. Parental love is also gender neutral.) When your child is hurt, sad, or sick, you don’t explain to her what brought about her circumstances. You don’t tell him the scientific or logical explanation of the illness or accident. No, you hold him. You snuggle her. You sing to them and tell them you love them.

They don’t understand our explanations. They understand our love.

So it is with God. When bad things happen, we cry out with Job (or even Nancy Kerrigan), “Why??” God could explain why, but it wouldn’t help us in our pain even if we could understand, which we almost certainly wouldn’t. No, He holds us close to His heart. He reminds us of His love and caring.

That’s so much better than intellectual explanations or theological rationales.

[More than a little appreciation to the brilliant Frederick Buechner, whose wisdom expressed in this video partially inspired this post.]


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2 Responses to God the Mother

  1. Bruce Farrell says:

    Makes me think of Papa in The Shack, which I like. Bruce >

  2. rickconti says:

    One thing I liked about “The Shack” was how it shook up traditional views of the Trinity. Some people, I daresay, considered it blasphemous for that very reason. Hopefully, it got people thinking about what they believe. I know it did that for me. How can that be bad?

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