Haiti vs. Matthew

It’s that time again: Pray for Haiti.

As I type, hurricane Matthew is pummeling Haiti with winds and rain that could devastate the country. Again. Beautiful cities such as Jacmel on its southern coast are in the line of fire and face incredible destruction.


A river courses its way down a mountain en route to the village of Jacmel. During flooding, it can become deadly.

Haiti is a nation of mountains, most of them deforested, and thus susceptible to mudslides that can destroy entire villages. People in cities like Gonaïves, which sits on the Golfe de la Gonâve at the base of those mountains, have been swept out to sea in raging floods.

But it isn’t just those on the coast who are in jeopardy. Floods do their damage then leave standing water that will exacerbate the horrific cholera epidemic that was imported from outside the country and has killed thousands.

What can be done? For people of faith, prayer is essential. For those who want to help in more tangible ways, donate to reputable organizations who are working there for the long term. I recommend Partners in Health as one that is committed and making the right kind of difference.

Please remember our friends in Haiti.




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