Biking and Bad Lawns

I’m keeping it short today. First a recycled post:

It’s fall and the bike path (my rolling home-away-from-home) has changed its character. Please read this four-year-old post for my musings on the topic. It’s every bit as applicable today.

Now an original thought:

Have you ever seen a lush green lawn during one of what seems to be our annual droughts? Invariably, it will have a sign plunked at the edge of the emerald expanse that reads something like:


Never mind the fact that many of these signs are scams by homeowners who have no qualms about breaking the law and wasting precious water so they can impress their neighbors with their profligacy and shortsightedness.

Not so at my house. Given the state of my lawn every summer, here’s the sign I plan to post:


And that’s the way it is…


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3 Responses to Biking and Bad Lawns

  1. Kathy Carroll says:

    I’m looking for my bikini….

  2. Kathy Carroll says:

    Hahahaha! The title came up on my phone as bikini, not biking! That’s what the first post was about! You can delete it now.

    • rickconti says:

      That is a great typo! It would be a shame to delete it! Is that OK as long as I promise never to ride in my bikini?

      I keep looking, but still haven’t seen you on the path, Kathy. Are you in disguise? 🙂

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