Why I hang out with people with MS

It’s way cool to hang out with people with MS. There’s no others like them.

You might think there are cooler people to hang out with. Wrong. Athletes? Nope. Movie stars, musicians, writers? Uh-uh. Politicians? You’re kidding, right?

You won’t meet a more courageous group. Few humans have to endure the crap they do, but they’re still out there getting it done. They still love and serve their families. They work out, go to countless doctor’s appointments, attend group meetings, research convoluted insurance regulations, organize and administer an arsenal of medications, and face hurdles only the disabled understand. News flash: The world isn’t designed to accommodate the needs of the disabled, no matter how much legislation is passed. It’s still a daily battle just to navigate a normal day.

Some steadfastly hold on to their trust in a loving, personal God in spite of experiencing pain, loss, and grief that would cause others to jettison their faith faster than you can turn the page of your Bible.

And you can learn a lot about others by spending time with folks who rely on scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers. You’ll see the breadth of humanity, from its worst to its best as you observe how they react to all that paraphernalia and other unusual behavior of the MS crowd. Some lend a hand while other avert their eyes. I’ve heard some even mock the disabled. (No, that couldn’t be, could it?)

They know this disease inside and out, better than most doctors and researchers. Those over-educated professionals may have their finger on the scientific pulse, but my friends know the impact of MS from first-hand experience. I invariably learn something in their company. They’re willing to share what they’ve been forced to learn the hard way. They dispense better advice than your average MD but ask for no deductible and require no insurance.

They’re empathetic listeners, available companions, and faithful friends. To paraphrase the mayor of Nelson in the movie “Roxanne“, “I would rather be with the people with MS than with the finest people in the world!”

Maybe that could be said better, but you get my point.


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