Bag the bags

[The worst thing a blog can become is a vehicle for venting. Nobody wants that. Occasionally, though, I have to let loose and channel my inner Andy Rooney. Sorry.]

What’s the deal with all the bags at grocery and other retail stores? Yesterday I bought a quart of milk in a plastic bottle at a convenience store. (Wicked convenient. I can walk there.) The guy reaches for a bag to put it in.

Let’s be clear: These bottles have handles. The handles are for carrying. Why on earth would I need to put it in a bag? Some bags don’t have their own handles, so they’re actually counterproductive. But even a bag with a handle is superfluous. I’ll buy a bag of chips and they want to put it in a bag. THE CHIPS ARE ALREADY IN A BAG!!! I don’t even want to think what would happen if I bought a bag. They’d want to put it in a bag.

Get a grip.

I’ll be in line at the grocery store. (It should come as no surprise that I have my own reusable bags.) The person in front of me has six items and the bagger puts them in four different bags! How can that possibly be justified??? Even one item per bag isn’t unusual.

Like the woman in front of me who bought a single roll of Scotch Tape and insisted she needed a bag to put it in. She had a handbag the size of the Hindenburg. I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t see her stuff the tape, bag and all, into the blimp. Oh, the humanity.

So our landfills get choked with plastic grocery bags, which never (as in, never) break down. Do any of those people with the bags have children or grandchildren? What kind of world are you leaving them?

It’s time to bag the bags.

There. I feel better now. Even though the problem still exists. Blame Andy Rooney.


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