The Doggy Poopy Fairy has left the building

IMG_20171019_154008716I ride my bike. A lot. As I’ve said countless times before in this blog and to my long-suffering friends, it’s a major part of my MS and emotional therapy. I often ride on bike paths, which I share with a diverse group of citizens: joggers, rollerbladers, skateboarders, parents pushing strollers, couples holding hands, elderly folks out for their daily constitutionals, and dog walkers, among others. I enjoy seeing all of them out there. Each one adds a community aspect to what I already consider to be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience.

But I need to talk to you dog walkers for a moment.

Sorry guys, but I can’t think of many things more disgusting than picking up dog poop, even with the semi-sterile inside out baggie method.* But it must be done. To your credit, most of you are good canine fecal stewards.

Unfortunately, some of you do only half the job. Yes, you do the dirty deed, but then you leave the little baggie on the path! For what? For who? I have news for you: The Doggy Poopy Fairy has retired. (And, yes, you do have to use the word “poopy”.) He no longer cleans up after you partially clean up. He’s no longer leaving little prizes under your pillows in return for Fido’s fetid feces.

The result is that my bike path is decorated with the most offensive ornamentation imaginable. The bags, which come in many cheerful hues, sit at the side of the path, adorn guard rails, and even, in a truly festive gesture, hang from tree branches! Fun!


What’s the point? Honestly, is stepping on a bag full of dog doodoo any more pleasant an experience than stepping on the free-range version? Unless one is at that moment barefoot (heaven help you if you are) I say the answer is no.

I know you don’t want to carry crap around with you. Who would? (Although most of us do so in the metaphorical sense.) But it’s all part of the process: You package it. You oughtta ship it.

Do us all a favor. Finish the job to its logical end. (Pun intended.)

* One thing more disgusting was the lady I saw who wiped her dog after it defecated. In public. In broad daylight. On a busy main drag. Yikes.


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4 Responses to The Doggy Poopy Fairy has left the building

  1. Carol says:

    Good for you for speaking out. When I walked my Lola always always picked it up AND carried it on our walk only to dispose of it properly.

    • rickconti says:

      I appreciate the affirmation, cuz. To be honest, I was afraid a gang of dog owners would sic their Jack Russell terriers on me for calling them out. The truth is that responsible dog owners are more likely to be like you. They probably dislike such behavior more than I do because it reflects badly on them. It’s like when I see a cyclist ride dangerously. It infuriates me because they make the rest of us look bad.

      Always good to hear from you, Carol! Especially when you agree with me. 🙂

  2. Bill Chance says:

    Cool entry. There’s an old joke about aliens looking down on earth and concluding that dogs are in charge of the planet – and humans exist as servants to follow them around and collect their poop.

    I have a great cycling trail behind my house (it’s one reason we bought it) – but the benches placed along the trail are unusable because each one has a trash can that fills up quickly with bags of dog poop. The walkers think they are doing the right thing, but the odor is terrible.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • rickconti says:

      So true about the alien view of things! There must be a bit of alien in me because I’ve often wondered the same thing. (That would explain a lot of my behavior. 🙂 )

      Lucky you to be so close to a path. Enjoy! And thanx for stopping by the blog.

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