Welcome to Haiti, the s***hole

When a well-known racist refers to an entire nation of black people as a s***hole, what is he implying about its residents? He’s implying nothing, subtlety being beyond his middle school intellect. He’s saying outright that, in his opinion, the citizens of Haiti are s***. I know different. No one should believe the rantings of a narcissistic madman, no matter what position he lays claim to.

By sad coincidence, today marks the anniversary of the earthquake that killed tens of thousands of Haitians and left millions homeless. Another sad fact is that, if Haiti is in a hole, it’s one that has been dug by oppressive forces of this and other wealthy nations.

I was in that s***hole less than two months ago. Here are some photos I’ve taken there over the years. Draw your own conclusions. Is it a s***hole or is this the lie of an a**hole?


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