The Endless Cycle: Book 1

I’m pleased to announce the reason for my recent absence from the blog scene: My new book, Breakaway, the first in a four book series intended for middle-grade readers, has just been published. The description on the back cover gives you a good idea of what you can expect in the book:

A boy with no past finds himself on an endless bike trip looking for answers. What is his name? Where did he come from? Where is he going?
When he comes to town on the local bike path, he’s befriended by a compassionate single dad and his phone-obsessed daughter. But will that be enough to protect him from suspicious police, a crime ring, and a man with a gun, hot on his trail?
Join him in this first exciting adventure in the Endless Cycle: Breakaway!

It should surprise no one who has read this blog for a while that my protagonist is a serious bicycle rider. I will deliver each of the next three books in the series separated by no more than two months, approximately May 1, July 1, and Sept 1.

If you know anyone in the 10-16 age range (or anyone else who likes a good story) who is looking for some good reading, please check out “The Endless Cycle”. You can find the paperback and Kindle e-book today by clicking the image above or by visiting my Amazon author page here.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this or any of my other writing.

Thank you for your support of independent authors.

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4 Responses to The Endless Cycle: Book 1

  1. Jeffrey Marshall says:

    good for you. really. its simply amazing how you keep moving forward. you are an inspiration!

    • rickconti says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, sir. The truth is that you and our LEGENDary friends are the true inspirations… but you’ll have to wait till book #3 to learn more. 🙂

  2. Susan Fedric says:

    Good for you, Rick! I ordered #1 Breakaway in The Endless Cycle series on my Kindle. I have several young people in the age group you targeted in this writing. I’m going to read it first!

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