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Wake up and smell the smoke.

Last I checked, it’s 2018. The human race has come a long way over its checkered history, building up vast storehouses of scientific facts and information. All our increased knowledge has led to increased wisdom, right? Not so fast, blog-breath. … Continue reading

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The Doggy Poopy Fairy has left the building

I ride my bike. A lot. As I’ve said countless times before in this blog and to my long-suffering friends, it’s a major part of my MS and emotional therapy. I often ride on bike paths, which I share with … Continue reading

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Bag the bags

[The worst thing a blog can become is a vehicle for venting. Nobody wants that. Occasionally, though, I have to let loose and channel my inner Andy Rooney. Sorry.] What’s the deal with all the bags at grocery and other … Continue reading

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Thoughts while a book simmers

Coming down to the end game of my next book, the blog drops in priority. Thus a list of disconnected thoughts that have kept me up nights. (I apologize in advance if any of these has appeared in another post … Continue reading

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Bonus Christmas post!

It’s a Christmas miracle! Two posts in one week. The catches? The other Christmas post is on my other blog, Scribbling in the Sand and I didn’t write it! It’s by some hack named “Longfellow”. (With a name like that, … Continue reading

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Happy World Toilet Day 2016

Yes, it’s that day again and here’s a little factoid for you to consider: This ain’t no joke, friends. It’s life and death.

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Multi-Purpose Post! ®

This is is a Multi-Purpose Post ® or MPP ® to save time and keypad wear and tear. I have several things to get off my chest so I’m combining them here. First, the Sept. 12 issue of Time magazine … Continue reading

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