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A Vicious Cycle

Rioting motorcyclists are in the news. They’re disregarding the law and exhibiting antisocial, malevolent behavior. Why would anyone be surprised? The great majority of bikers (not all) flout the laws every time they ride. They’ve modified their bikes to increase … Continue reading

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The PB&J MS treatment

Whenever someone with MS has good luck (and luck it very well might be) with a lifestyle choice with respect to how it affects MS, they feel the need to write a book about it.  Greed plays no small part … Continue reading

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Holy Hooky

Yesterday I skipped out on church.  But not Church. I have nothing against church.  Of a Sunday morn, you’ll more often than not find me there.  But this Sunday, I traded its usual languid liturgy for another worshipful activity, to … Continue reading

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