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The Square Wheelers ride again!

If you’re reading this blog, you have at least a passing interest in Multiple Sclerosis. (Unless you’re one of those mercenaries who are simply “expanding your network”.) And if you have an interest in MS, you have far more than … Continue reading

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Thanx #15 (Thanksgiving 2014 Edition)

Back in the day, I would occasionally write a post with a list of twenty or so items for which I was thankful. The genesis of, and a bit of background on, this idea can be found in one of … Continue reading

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Inside the MS bubble

In a nearby town today, there was another cycling fundraiser for MS. There are rides all over the country – a dozen in New England alone. These events are a lot of fun and raise gobs of money for the … Continue reading

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Bike MS: Ride The Vineyard 2014 trip report

As I’ve written in a previous post, I participate in the National MS Society’s “Ride the Vineyard” fundraiser every year.  The 2014 edition was held two weeks ago today on May 3.  To let people know how it turned out … Continue reading

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Time to beg

Every year around this time, I slip into begging mode.  What used to be uncomfortable and daunting has sadly become natural and easy.  Part of the change can be attributed to simple repetition.  Do something long enough and it becomes … Continue reading

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A resolution for you: Do what you can

If calendars, media, and the Google doodle are to be believed, it’s a new year.  Years, like all other units of time measurement, are pretty arbitrary creations.  What on earth (pun intended) does a trip around the sun mean to … Continue reading

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Biking year winds down

The end of the biking year is almost upon us.  Last year, my last bike ride was in early November, but one never knows when the end will come.  There could be (God forbid) an early snow.  The Alberta Clipper … Continue reading

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Invasion of the jerks

The trend in entertainment these days is to portray the world as being under siege by zombies.  That’s the least of our worries.  The reality of the situation is that all of society is suffocating under an invasion of jerks. … Continue reading

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The PB&J MS treatment

Whenever someone with MS has good luck (and luck it very well might be) with a lifestyle choice with respect to how it affects MS, they feel the need to write a book about it.  Greed plays no small part … Continue reading

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Holy Hooky

Yesterday I skipped out on church.  But not Church. I have nothing against church.  Of a Sunday morn, you’ll more often than not find me there.  But this Sunday, I traded its usual languid liturgy for another worshipful activity, to … Continue reading

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