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Flabby faith

Great news!  A fitness center is opening soon in my town! That will make about a dozen gyms/fitness centers in this relatively small town.  So why do most of its citizens appear to be out of shape?  In fact, there … Continue reading

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Holy Hooky

Yesterday I skipped out on church.  But not Church. I have nothing against church.  Of a Sunday morn, you’ll more often than not find me there.  But this Sunday, I traded its usual languid liturgy for another worshipful activity, to … Continue reading

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A good clique

In my previous post, I made the argument that cliques and exclusivity are Bad Things.  I stand by that but, as in all things, there are exceptions.  For instance, I’d rather the medical community exclude, say, serial killers, pranksters, and … Continue reading

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The Church’s Chronic Illness

Does the Church have MS? That might seem like a strange question, but permit me to explain.  Jesus refers to the church (universal, not local building) as His Body.  Like the human body, the church is made up of many … Continue reading

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To Save a Church

I saw a movie this week that, despite its shortcomings, has stuck with me and caused some interesting discussions among family members.   The weird thing is that it’s a so-called “Christian” movie.  (I’m still not sure what that means.  See … Continue reading

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Identity crisis

I confess to a stew of emotions when people ask me if I’m a Christian.  It’s a loaded term.  I’m always afraid that there is some ulterior motive prompting the query.  What do they really want to know? Their intent … Continue reading

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