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Endless winter

March came in like a lion, alright, but it shows no sign of going out in a lamb-like fashion.  In fact, it’s been a virtual velociraptor from where I’m sitting – an all-consuming, voracious beast leaving nothing behind but mounds … Continue reading

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Modern Spiritual Disciplines#2

I was convicted today about my lack of discipline in writing posts.  Thus, a post about my alternate spiritual disciplines is waaaay past due. Here’s a fun trick to try: Go an entire day without complaining or indeed saying anything … Continue reading

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Thanx #7

In spite of the fact that I spend far more time griping than giving thanks, there are far more things to be grateful for than to complain about.  Such wasted energy. I could have one of these posts on a … Continue reading

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A Nation of Whiners

It’s official.  We are a nation of whiners.  I’m sick to death of it.  Remember Doug and Wendy Whiner from the old SNL sketches?  They have nothing on 21st century Americans. Last week, our region “endured” a few days of … Continue reading

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