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The Endless Cycle: Book 1

I’m pleased to announce the reason for my recent absence from the blog scene: My new book, Breakaway, the first in a four book series intended for middle-grade readers, has just been published. The description on the back cover gives … Continue reading

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The Doggy Poopy Fairy has left the building

I ride my bike. A lot. As I’ve said countless times before in this blog and to my long-suffering friends, it’s a major part of my MS and emotional therapy. I often ride on bike paths, which I share with … Continue reading

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Thoughts while a book simmers

Coming down to the end game of my next book, the blog drops in priority. Thus a list of disconnected thoughts that have kept me up nights. (I apologize in advance if any of these has appeared in another post … Continue reading

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Biking and Bad Lawns

I’m keeping it short today. First a recycled post: It’s fall and the bike path (my rolling home-away-from-home) has changed its character. Please read this four-year-old post for my musings on the topic. It’s every bit as applicable today. Now … Continue reading

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MS: It’s not just a disease…

As much as the wretched condition allows, I try to acknowledge the upside of MS. Sure, dismiss it as a clichéd attempt to “count my blessings”, but consider the alternative: Endlessly recounting every pain and inconvenience of MS is not … Continue reading

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Alternative Vitamins

Everyone with MS is familiar with alternative medicine, or as it has been dubbed, probably by practitioners of mainline medicine so they don’t get completely cut out of the deal, “complementary medicine” or CM. There’s also the compromise term, CAM, … Continue reading

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Running for her life

I have a new hero. Living in the MS community, I encounter a lot of heroic people. They deal with the volatility of their shared condition with courage and grace beyond what most of us can muster up. Kayla Montgomery … Continue reading

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