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Christmas Cognitive Dissonance

Every year about this time, I’m torn. On the one hand, I love to celebrate the most wonderful, joyous, miraculous event in human history: God condescending to become an infant, born into poverty to an exiled couple to teach us … Continue reading

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The Voice of God

Have you ever heard some spiritual superstar talk about how he or she “heard from God”? My hackles tend to rise immediately upon hearing such talk, invariably in the form of something like, “God told me I should do this”. … Continue reading

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The T-Rex in the room

A common statement made about MS, one that makes it seem so much more benign, is that it is not a death sentence, i.e. is not a fatal disease.  It’s one of the first things told to a newly diagnosed … Continue reading

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Lies we believe #1

Every day we are confronted with messages from TV, books, newspapers, magazines, movies, music, and each other.  Many of the messages that we receive are lies.  Deliberately misleading fabrications.  Some are for profit, some for power, others simply for self-promotion. … Continue reading

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