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Waltz of the Flowers

It’s nothing but a simple waltz, part of the much larger and more ambitious Nutcracker, yet it’s arguably my favorite piece of music.  When I hear Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers”, which I have several times this Christmas season, it … Continue reading

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Modern Spiritual Disciplines#5

Recently… OK, it was yesterday… I was reminded of the importance of thinking.  Which reminded me that one of the disciplines I highly recommend is that of thinking.  You say, “But we think all the time.”  But do we?  I’m … Continue reading

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Modern Spiritual Discipline#4

This is the fourth in my series of modern spiritual disciplines for those intent on improving their character and, for those disciples of Jesus, being transformed into His image.  The others can be found here, here, and here. I dare … Continue reading

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Modern Spiritual Disciplines#2

I was convicted today about my lack of discipline in writing posts.  Thus, a post about my alternate spiritual disciplines is waaaay past due. Here’s a fun trick to try: Go an entire day without complaining or indeed saying anything … Continue reading

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Modern Spiritual Disciplines#3

(This post was formerly titled “But enough about you…“.  It wasn’t until I was writing a later “discipline” post that I realized that this one describes the discipline of refraining from talking about oneself for a day.  I’m retroactively calling … Continue reading

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