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Seven years since the big truck went by…

Certain dates of infamy should never be forgotten. Here are just a few that come quickly to mind for most of us: December 7, 1941 September 11, 2001 April 4, 1968 April 15, 1865 The sad list goes on and … Continue reading

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“A Slippery Land”

It’s finally done. My first book, a novel about Haiti, is available for sale in paperback or Kindle edition. Here’s the cover: For the sake of completeness, here’s the back cover: I’ve been working on this book in one form … Continue reading

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Accessing Haiti

Haiti on my mind… Perhaps because I’m (self-)publishing a novel about one girl’s life there. Or because Haiti is never far from my heart. After several trips and reading everything I can find about the place and working for a … Continue reading

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The Faces of Haiti – five years later

Haiti. Five years ago today. Earthquake + grinding poverty = total devastation. In honor of a courageous and resilient people whose suffering seems as unending as it is inequitable, I share a few photos of the faces of the country, … Continue reading

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Never forget… Haiti

We Americans are all about remembering past tragedies.  It goes back to (at least) the Alamo and has been followed by Wounded Knee, the Maine, Pearl Harbor, 9-11, all the way up to Boston Strong. This is a Good Thing.  … Continue reading

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Haiti through a child’s eyes

I read a lot of books.  A few are turkeys, but most of them are very good.  Every once in a while, one stands out.  I’d like to recommend one of those.  Strangely enough, I got this one sort of … Continue reading

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Haiti, Ten Years After

It occurs to me that, although it is a huge part of my life, I have not written a post devoted to Haiti.  That may be because I also maintain a web site of a non-profit on whose board I … Continue reading

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