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On behalf of all people who claim allegiance to Jesus Christ but support Donald Trump for president, I want to apologize to the people of the United States and to God in Heaven. God knows they won’t apologize. I find … Continue reading

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The End of the World, part 2

I realize that the title of this post is a classic oxymoron, but I like it. I’m still thinking about this end of the world thing.  The truth is that the world did end for thousand of people on Saturday.  … Continue reading

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The End of the World as We Know It…

I should probably give this post a lot more thought than I am giving it now.  I’m doing something I have always advised against: writing while upset about something.  Yet here I am, ticked off and writing about it.  The … Continue reading

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Identity crisis

I confess to a stew of emotions when people ask me if I’m a Christian.  It’s a loaded term.  I’m always afraid that there is some ulterior motive prompting the query.  What do they really want to know? Their intent … Continue reading

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