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One more thing I hate about you (MS)

There are plenty of reasons to hate MS. No need to go into all of them here. If you have MS, you know. If you don’t have it, you don’t want to hear about it. Anyway, I’m not sure there’s … Continue reading

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I have Multiple Sclerosis. Not surprising. I’m writing a blog partially dedicated to the topic. The one thing we know for sure about MS is that no one knows anything for sure about MS. (Thus, the reason I call it … Continue reading

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Questioning MRI

I’m a child of the 60’s and unapologetic about it. I was a hippie, a war protester, and a rock’n’roller when rock’n’roll was in its infancy. The values of that era continue to impact my behavior. I still have my … Continue reading

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Auto-Immune Auto-response

Hello. Thank you for calling the Virtual Memorial Hospital Auto-Immune Disease Auto-Response Line.™ If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and call 911. Para español, presione el número “1“. Kreyòl ayisyen pou peze nimewo “2”. Za Hrvatski, pritisnite … Continue reading

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Bored to death

I had the ironic experience of watching a documentary called “Boredom“, which was anything but boring. Usually I reserve movie references for my other blog, Scribbling in the Sand, because it focuses on writing and movies (and writing movies). It … Continue reading

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Is more better?

A new MS drug was approved yesterday. Biogen (makers of Avonex, Tysabri, and Tecfidera) have introduced Plegridy to the market. (Who comes up with these names? Babbling infants or random letter generators?) Of course media coverage concentrated more on the … Continue reading

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