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4000 word post

The subject line only applies if you adhere to the maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Cuz I’m posting four pictures.  (You do the math.) Another maxim says “talk is cheap”.  Writing, on the other hand, is … Continue reading

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Biking year winds down

The end of the biking year is almost upon us.  Last year, my last bike ride was in early November, but one never knows when the end will come.  There could be (God forbid) an early snow.  The Alberta Clipper … Continue reading

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Autumn on the bike path

[I was going to call this post “Fall on the bike path” but that would invite a catastrophe that I’m not interested in tempting… or repeating.] Fall is a two-edged sword.  Yes, there is the the spectacular foliage.  Yes, the … Continue reading

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