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Thanx #15 (Thanksgiving 2014 Edition)

Back in the day, I would occasionally write a post with a list of twenty or so items for which I was thankful. The genesis of, and a bit of background on, this idea can be found in one of … Continue reading

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One man’s story

That was my spot.  I suffered no interlopers to supplant me there.  The place at the side of the heavily traveled road into the city had been mine since the day my father Timaeus died, leaving me with no family, … Continue reading

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What does that mean? Take it like a child

“You have heard that it was said…” Jesus began many of His exhortations with that expression.  As was His practice, He used those words to challenge conventional wisdom.  His followers today would do well to follow His example. You have … Continue reading

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I am Legion

Yesterday’s post was not meant to stand alone.  This one is the follow-up I’d planned all along.  This is the explanation of the parable, if you will.  The inspiration to write it came from the realization that the man of … Continue reading

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