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Top Ten things to do while in the MRI tube

If you have MS, you’ve spent more than your fair share of time buried in an MRI machine. It’s a little known fact that the MRI was invented by some obscure cleric during the Inquisition to extract confessions from suspected … Continue reading

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Accessing Haiti

Haiti on my mind… Perhaps because I’m (self-)publishing a novel about one girl’s life there. Or because Haiti is never far from my heart. After several trips and reading everything I can find about the place and working for a … Continue reading

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R(eally) E(xcellent) I(dea)

I don’t push corporate agendas very often in my blog. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done it because it generally goes against every moral fiber of my being. (Chilmark Chocolates doesn’t qualify as a greedy corporate entity.) There’s … Continue reading

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The theory of some things

[Spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen this movie and wish to watch it later with no prior knowledge or bias, you’d be well advised to read no further.] This past week, I watched an excellent movie, the Academy Award Best … Continue reading

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Time on my hands

Recently I read that, during an average 80 year life span, we each spend 5 years of that time waiting. That’s right, doing nothing but waiting. Mundane time-killers such as being on hold on the phone (that uses up about … Continue reading

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Nothing to spit at

MS takes a lot from its unfortunate targets. Funny how you tend to miss little things like walking, seeing, writing, playing musical instruments, sports, standing upright for more than a few minutes…or seconds. Yeah, those are all missed by some … Continue reading

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Violence or gratitude?

Did you see the reports on the violence at the campus of UC Santa Barbara?  This past Monday, 4/7, the annual “Deltopia” party got out of control, resulting in injuries, destruction, and arrests.  Hopefully, change will come of all the  hand-wringing, … Continue reading

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